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Books We Need

Selecting books for packing

The following is a list of highly requested books that our sister chapters in Seattle, Olympia and Portland are always looking for:


  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  • Spanish/English Dictionaries – any books in Spanish
  • Almanacs (any year), books of lists/trivia
  • Any new or very good condition books

Non-Fiction (hardback and paperback):

  • Any GED prep
  • Art and, especially,  “How To Draw” books
  • Law dictionaries and legal self help
  • History, especially Black and Latino history
  • Wiccan,  pagan and shamanic materials
  • Origami/cardmaking/needlework
  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • Small business: how to start and run a small business
  • Work skills: electric, automotive, plumbing, etc.
  • True Adventure
  • Chess


  • Fantasy
  • Horror and vampire novels
  • Westerns
  • Black urban fiction
  • Graphic novels/manga
  • Role playing games


We will gladly accept any books.  Anything we can’t use to send to prisoners we will sell, trade, or pass on to other worthy organizations.