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The End of an Era

After ten years of service, Bellingham BTP lost its lease and was not able to find a new workspace suitable for continuing our work. Sadly, we had no choice but to end our operations as we know it. After sending high demand books to our sister BTP chapters in Seattle and Olympia, we donated the remaining books and shelving to a number of local organizations. As a result, we are putting a freeze on book donations, as we no longer have a “library.” (If you have only high-demand books, contact us on how to get those to other BTP chapters.)

We sincerely thank you for your support of money for shipping, books for sending, hours of volunteering, and spreading the word about what we do. We could not have done all that we did without you, a supportive community.
Although we are sad to end this work, we are heartened that the Seattle, Olympia and Portland chapters of BTP will be able to step up and respond to the letters that we would have been answering, so that work continues. From now to mid-January, we are pondering how to reinvent ourselves so as to continue work in a similar vein. It won’t be with tons of books or shipping packages all over the country, but there may be other ways to help incarcerated people, including those closer to home.  Stay tuned; we’ll broadcast details as they emerge.

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