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What We Did, 2006-2016.

Bellingham Books To Prisoners is a 100% volunteer staffed, non-profit group that sends free books upon request to prisoners throughout the U.S.  We are partnered with Seattle Books To Prisoners (, one of the oldest BTP programs in the country.  Letters from prisoners are sent to Seattle, then forwarded to us – we are responsible for getting donated books, finding volunteers, and raising money for postage and supplies.  Last year, Seattle BTP, along with chapters in Portland, Olympia, and Bellingham answered a combined 14,900 letters.  Bellingham BTP sent out over 1,000 books.

The following short video helps demonstrate the importance of the work we do:

The link below accesses a 13 minute interview with Andy Chan, the President of Seattle Books to Prisoners talking about BTP.



Our volunteers include a wide variety of people: college and high school students, business people, retirees, families, new arrivals and life-long residents.

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